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Multi-layer stainless steel plate and frame filter
Auto-Filter of Stainless Steel
Bag filter
Stainless steel automatic filter
Stainless steel barrel-type filter
Closed-cycle Preparation Tank
Decarburization filter
Stirred tank with
304-316 thin / thick with pot
Single stainless steel filter
Riot pump motor
Plumbing accessories
PP HPP folded filter (bar)
Polypropylene membrane
Mixed cellulose ester microporous membrane
Fiber plate sterilization clarify
About us
    Haining Hongqi Filter Equipment Co.,Ltd. is a high-tech private enterprise of manufacture separate filter equipment, is a member of China Pharmaceutical Equipment Industry, and the company through ISO9001-2000 international quality control system authentication in May. 2005. Our main products are Stainless steel plate-and-frame filter,micropore filter membrane cartridge filter, stock tank, filter accessories and equipment. These products have been widely used in the air /gas filtration and related engineering services in the pharmacy, chemical, food, electronic, petroleum, automobile and environment protection fields. Our…
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Haining Hongqi Filter Equipment Co.,Ltd.
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